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Fiber Optic Field Cleaver

Fiber Optic Field Cleaver

Fiber Optic Field Cleaver


The TC-90 fiber optic field cleaver offers quality cleavers at reasonable price.A properly maintained TC-90 cleaver is capable of leaving a mirror-like end face finish 2.0mm-20.mm from a fiber coating .


For Use With:  Single.125mm O.D.Fiber

Cleaver Length:  2.0mm to 20.0 mm

Overall Dimensions : 124mm(L)*20mm(W)*40mm(H)

Weight:  75g

Operating Temperature:  -20 to 60 deg.c

Storage Temperature:  -20 to 60 deg.c



1) Strip and clean fiber

   Remove primary and secondary coatings from the fiber , Compare removal of the primary coating may be using a fiber stripper.Next, Clean the fiber with alcohol and a lint-free wipe.                                                     

2)Set fiber

  Press the fiber holding level down and insert the clean fiber into the fiber holding level once more to relieve torsional stress. 


Lightly and slowly press down on the blade box to nick the fiber , The blade must be used gently in order to provide a good cleave. Slowly release blade box -only score the fiber once.


   Carefully bend the leaf spring down while continuing to hold the fiber. Bend the leaf spring just enough to separate the fiber , over bending can damage the spring .Release the fiber hold level and dispose of the fiber stub .


   The TC-90 cleaver is a precision tool, and it must be kept clean. If the cleaver is misused,the leaf spring or blade may not function properly. Both parts maybe re-ordered through TengChang. With proper care, the TC-90 will be able to reliably cleave thousands of fibers






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